The EXORciser pages. Cince 2003.I noticed recently that EXORciser is now still somewhat known system. For example, many homecomputers are now almost completely lost in time.

My EXORciser unit is from donor. It is part of Finnish computing history. Maybe i tell more about disk dump findings in someday. Planned to do more content updates during 2023.

Why pages look like this? First, because this is "virtual museum".It reflects retro spirit in every way. I will keep this late 1990´s and early 2000 look long as possible. As long as modern browsers work with content like this. Second reason is loading time. You notice fast loading times if your Internet connection is slow. And i mean like real world slow. old copper wires and stuff.

About background images and art. All you see is my own work. In nerdy crude form.Like this backround image you see in screenborders. I call it "Journey across the threshold". Yeah right! In essence it is sunlight in raindrops of the roof on the car. 35mm camera, scan from paper image and little adjustment with colour settings. Far out!

Am i crazy? Well, if the shoe fits.