Pete´s virtual museum



Pictures from 27.04.03 (ddmmyy) "20 years later"- pictures are coming during 2023.

Exorciser cpu unit in my dinner table. What is with this massive design?

Startup key, buttons ABORT and RESTART

How slow you want it?

Inside cpu unit. There is lots of room for expansions. And look at all that...iron, steel, whatever!
Is this bombproof product or something?
"Oh, sorry about your building after that 8.0 earthquake. But your computer survive!"

6800 cpu card.

32kb RAM. Year was 1977 and price tag about $2000.

Coffee and chocolate?
Lower picture: Sorry! Box contains only floppy disks. 8" size and 260 KB capasity. 650 mb CDROM for size comparision .
You need 2560 floppy disk to fill one CD. That is 256 boxes and 9 metres (29,5 ft) of shelf space.
Now days it´s sound like a joke. Back then it was mind blowing.

Exordisk floppydrive. This version weight 28 kg. Bulletbroof ? Some kind of custom design drive.

Nokia cell phone for size comparision...oh man! That black thing in center is only a read/write head motor! And left of that is what makes disk spin.

Look familiar? It´s ADM32 terminal for the good vibes.
Lower picture: Exorciser´s system disk backup in progress. The disk was quarter century old and partially transparent but fully working!

Disk dump in progress. You need original hardware, PC, Windows, Hyperterm, serial cable...and lot´s of time. Top speed is 9600 BPS

Lower Picture: The HARDware.