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Exorciser pages:

Site name coming from Motorola Exorciser development unit circa 1975. Exorciser is quite rare unit today. Here you can download manuals, schematics and look pictures of my fully working Exorciser and it´s custom build 8 inch disk drive. All that schematics and you build your own system. Exorciser is in fact very basic 6800 based computer with good extensibility .

...and yes. This look is timewarp to late 90´s. No intention to upgrade.

Pinball hobby pages Next pages are Finnish only. Translation coming later than soon.
With mortgage i don´t have money to rent part of industrial complex. So my pinball machines must fit in my workroom.
Virtual Museum pages I like old microcomputers. Who doesn´t
A few words about me: Just happen to like old, exotic, and hard to find electronics. One good thing tinkering about these old microprocessors and computers is that you don´t have to worried about computer virus..
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"People who don´t like Star Wars are in greater risk to suffer dull life and lack of imagination. "

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